About Us

UAC Africa

Universal Access to Care, Treatment, and Support Africa is a Non-profit organisation that seeks to provide pragmatic innovative approaches in addressing attrition in public health systems in all communities in sub-Saharan Africa. We believe in building resilient health systems that can address both current and emerging health security threats, and whose pillars support cross-cutting health responses. Universal Access to Care, Treatment, and Support Africa is based in the Republic of South Africa, but operates sentinel offices in strategic locations in Africa. The organization maintains a well-coordinated network of subject matter experts across these geographical areas of focus, linked through contracted reporting relationships with UAC Africa, and working on consultancy basis under the organization's umbrella. Such a network places UAC Africa in a unique position to contextually implement our clients' programs based on the local knowledge of our resident consultants


UAC Africa We collectively and individually take ownership to deliver on commitments, regardless of how ambitious the goal or how difficult the circumstances.


We have partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations, and utilize relevant skill-sets to design and implement locally relevant systems strengthening interventions for sustainable results


We pioneer catalytic solutions and hybridize solutions with technology to address persistent and emerging health challenges. DHSI is an organization of life-time learner


To build a healthy and wealthy African society

Mission Statement

To catalyse social change through developing people, strengthening systems and providing innovative solutions.

Capacity building and clinical mentorship

Capacity building is an ongoing process for strengthening human resources for health. UAC Africa recognizes the importance of training in enhancing the knowledge base, skills and competencies of health care workers and other stakeholders in delivering quality health care services to communities in Africa. We focus in providing training to the public and private health care markets. We adopt the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, as funding levels continue to drop for donor-dependent health systems, and domestic competition for resources becomes stiffer for more established health systems

What We Do

Our Statement

All our project activities are designed to ensure sustainability beyond the project life line. Some of the departments within UAC Africawill be made to contribute to the sustainability of the organisation through commercialisation of their products and services.

UAC Africa not only focuses on improving access to treatment care, but also improving the quality of health care services received by communities. Evidence-based standards and guidelines have been developed as part of quality assurance measures. While Deming's approach to modern quality improvement has been used to transform almost every major industry in the world with dramatic results, healthcare remains among the last holdouts and passions of resistance. UAC Africa understands that healthcare is very complex, made up of thousands of interlinked processes We strive to maintain the quality of care rendered to our clientele.

UAC Africa understand the Health care environment especially in sub-Saharan Africa.as a complex. Adaptive systems. Response to any crisis which produces a surge of demand for health care needs both a vigorous public health response and a highly proactive and functioning health-care delivery system, which must have been working in concert long before crisis strikes. DHSI understands that health-care systems are complex adaptive systems.

UAC Africa strives to identify opportunities that will drive growth in the health educational and service project range and increase our on-line educational product offering, including expansion into telemedicine(innovative health solutions).

Rifampicin Resistant Tuberculosis (RR-TB) Technical Brief